23 Things

You have reached my blog for 23 Things which Maryland Public Libraries are investigating this summer. What a great way to introduce staff to the new technologies available on the web. I look forward to the fun and the learning! ~ Ann

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The 23rd Thing - My Thoughts

#23 My Summation:
  • Favorites: Definitely the YouTube and Avatar learning, just because it was so much fun that I felt guilty. Exploring Flickr and the Sandbox Wiki were also fun. I guess I am a visual person. I suppose I also see some application for work and my personal life with these resources.
  • 23 Things & My Lifelong Learning: One of the biggest benefits of this project was becoming aware to the avaialbel technologies and having the opportunity to do more than just read about them. For many of us scheduling the time to explore new "Things" is not always possible. The time is not always there. I am happy that I had the opportunity to look into these "things" that I had only danced around before, hearing one mentioned here or there, but not quite sure of "exactly" what it was.
  • Take-aways/Unexpected outcomes: I can not lie, I am so happy to be done. This has taken many hours to complete. I am taking away a greater understanding of online applications, things younger people know more about and are using. One of my early goals was to improve my digital camera skills, so this was a great opportunitiy to make a conscious effort to do just that.
  • How could 23 be improved? Maybe scheduling it during a different time of the year might help to free up staff schedules for the 23 activities. Summer is a busy vacation time and we also had 2 out on medical leave, so it was difficult to find time, but not impossible, for everyone to work on 23. The format was appropriate and "forced" some of the less computer literate to jump in feet first. I see more confidence in several staff, and they are more in tuned to the new technologies. I was a bit frustrated with all the accounts I had to create for the exercises. I am fearful that the amount of SPAM will be increased in my email. I understand hands-on is best, but if some of this could be avoided, it would make a lot of folks happy.
  • Would I do again? Yes. I think offering learning opportunities like this are essential to keep staff involved with what is happening, and a way to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • My learning experience: This learning experience has been fun, imaginative and informative. Great tools, lots of fun along the way. And boy did it give staff something to talk about.

Week 9 - Podcasts, Videos & Downloadable Audio

#20 Discover YouTube:
This I have done with #19. I see the possibility of using YouTube as a vehicle to post video for library instruction and fun. I have posted several YouTube videos on my blog, some embedded, some not. I did check the Yahoo and Google Video sites. Yahoo was not near as fun as YouTube or the Google site. In fact one video several staff were trying to locate yesterday on YouTube from SNL featuring Cheri Oteri as an office flirt was found and viewed by several staff on the Google site. Hope there is no such thing as "too much fun" while 23 thinging.

I will be making a video with my digital camera later today and try upload to my YouTube account to test the complexity of this. So say tuned!...more later.

#21 Locating Podcasts:
I explored the various links about podcasting. Getting into podcasting would be a great tool for training, such as the podcasts used here in 23 Things. I see that the "gear" listed in microphone, PC and software. I am wondering if there are other work arounds for people who do not have the microphone and software on their PCs. Is is possible to upload something that was recorded on another device. I think, yes. Of the podcast seachsites Yahoo Podcasts was fairly easy to use. Podcast Alley was the most difficult. I will be looking at this some more on my own and may try to post something before the 23 Things completion deadline.

#22 Downloadable Audio:
I am already familiar with Overdirve and NetLibrary, although I have not personally downloaded any audiobooks. I do not own a device that is compatible or robust enough to support this format -- yet!, but I do have an account set up.

I was not as familiar with Project Gutenberg, so spent a bit more time on that. My only complaint is that there was not enough info on the main page about the project. I had to dig into the FAQs. A small blurb explaining the basics right up front would have been nice.

Ninja Libraian

We need that ninja at our library.

Week 8 - Online Applications and Tools II

#19 Discover/Explore Any Site from the Web 2.0 Awards List: I looked harder at YouTube and am offering the following comments:
  • Things I like -- Extremely fun to explore; ability for anyone to post a video; code of conduct included on site; search features are easy to use; users can flag what they deem inappropriate
  • Things I dislike--I saw several inappropriate videos posted and although site disclaimers say YouTube is not intended for anyone under the age of 13, some content may not be suitable 13 year olds. There wasn't much else I could find not to like-- just because it is so fun.
  • Useful Features--Help and getting started info was very good; ability to create a play list, favorites; Ability to post comments and responses; Top Rated & Most Discussed list available; features in setting up your channel was easy to use.
  • Applications for Libraries--I searched "librarians" and although I found many funny videos posted, there were some serious ones with information about the profession. A YouTube Salute to Librarians; March of the Librarians; Your Life Work: The Librarian (This last one was filmed at the Iowa State College (now Iowa State University) library in 1946).

Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 8 - Online Applications & Tools I

#18 Online Productivity Spreadsheets: Online ability to save and share files. Great idea. I uploaded my 23 Things tracking Log...so now I can work on the rest of this project from any library location or, heaven forbid!!, home. Nix the home one. Connection way, way too slow.

I definitely will be exploring more of this on my own. Anything that can make my life easier -- GO FOR IT!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 7 - Wikis

#16 Learn about Wikis
I learned that WIKI stood for What I Know Is (Drexel University , Systems Analysis & Design, 2003ish). There wasn't any mention of it meaning quick in Hawaiian. I like the "what I know is" better. Yes wikis are "quick" but more importantly they are a compilation of knowledge from several individuals; individuals who are sure enough of their knowledge to post it for all to see. This is a good and a bad thing. Yes.

Several of the wikis I viewed for this 16th Thing, I self-emailed for a later and more indepth look. (Oh!Oh! wheels are turning...warning! warning!) There are many uses for wikis: instruction, informational and sharing opinion. Although our library has a staff intranet, a library wiki for staff would offer a better vehicle to share the information. It would take the burden off of one person updating content, which is a monumental task. Sharing our pool of knowledge and having a place for news and updates as well as library policy and procedures would give us easier access to the information we need to do your jobs and all be on the same page. (Is that last part possible? )

#17 Add entry to Sandbox Wiki: This I have done, had some fun creating a page.


I have posted my blog on the blog list. This type of wiki looks fun, but can suck time of wish is a precious commodity. I do see possible uses for collaboration and use on group projects. I probably spent too much time on this Thing. On to #18!!

Week 6 - Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

#13 Tagging and Discover Del.icio.us
I explore this some and set up a mini account. I can see the benefit of having the same bookmarks available from any PC one is using and also the collaborating/research uses. I did find the site a bit hard to use, probably because the tutorials had been turned off. I am not one to always read directions, so the step by step tutorial would have benefited me and my understanding of how all this works.I did create an account and put the main site I visit everyday, The Hunger Site... http://del.icio.us/areinecke.

#14 Discover Technorati and learn how tags work with blogs
I am impressed with the amount of organization we can tap into to sift and manage information and social intercourse. Evolution and necessity in order to maintain contacts and not be over burdened with locating what you need. Sort of like getting rid of the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. What a time saver and way to leave more time for analyzing, processing and generating ideas. http://technorati.com/

#15 Web 2.0, Library 2.0 & the Future of Libraries
Libraries have been moving towards these concepts and practices since the advent on the Internet. We identified the changes to our roles and continue to work towards ways to provide our users with the services and resources they need and want. The notion of information evolving from a commodity to a product to a service to a neo-library experience pretty much put the right spin our our efforts. We are in a competitive market. Users, especially the younger generations, are more connected via social computing and will continue to increase. L2 means staying on top of changes in technology and identifying how they can be applied to library users. It means more of a collaboration between libraries and their users, getting away from the unidirectional relationships of the past. Libraries are communities, where the collective knowledge and experience can be shared in both directions.